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Dave Lankester - Professional Summary:  I've been in warehousing for many years, then the health and safety industry and then the tourist and leisure industry.
In recent years I've become more interested in computng and the web - so now spend my time designing websites and optimizing them for their maximum exposure in the search engines like google. this started out as just my websites - then friends asked me to look at theirs - and now I run a business with a partner doing exactly that! My perfect job! lol
Dave Lankester - Professional Experience:     [ Not Updated Yet ] 
Dave Lankester - Education:    The School of Life (Wow !!! What a cliche !!!!!)
Dave Lankester - Interests:     I love anything and everything, i was taught many years ago that there is an easy way to make a subject interesting - find out more about it! And that is exactly what I do. So my interests really do lay in so many different areas - technology, home improvement, gaming, playing bingo (honestly!) and business to name just a few.
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