Dan FItzgibbons Minneapolis

Dan FItzgibbons Minneapolis

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As the very youngest of five children, Dan Fitzgibbons learned the importance of family from day one. Born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota to Tom and Carol Fitzgibbons, little Dan was last in line for the pair following John Patrick (JP), Anne Marie, Mike and Joe -- in that order. And young Dan was a busy kid. From football to intramural hockey to singing group and theater, he was involved throughout grade school and high school. His activities also extended to golf, key club and theatre. The Fitzgibbons family was busy in Fargo, and Dan Fitzgibbons was well on his way toward success.

Attending two colleges to attain his degree -- first North Dakota State University then completing his education at Moorhead State University -- Fitzgibbons earned a Bachelor of Science in marketing and business administration by 1992. But the early 1990s were vital for Fitzgibbons for another reason -- he met his soon-to-be wife, Paige. The two were married by 1994. Later, they began a family of their own with children Jack and Grace. Today, they reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And in addition to his successful career in technology -- working at the Minneapolis office of EMC -- the Fitzgibbons’ focus on their children, watching the kids play some of the same sports as dad did as a child, such as hockey, but also soccer, baseball and lacrosse. They also love to spend time on the nearby lake as much as possible, from boating the day away to fishing and skiing.


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