Dalton Wiita

Dalton Wiita


Welding Anything & Anywhere llc.


About Me

Owner & Operator, Dalton Wiita was born and raised in Palm Beach County, Florida. While obtaining extensive knowledge in the art of welding, he has also learned to perform any automotive maintenance repair and diagnostics. With 5 years of constant diligence, he has mastered the art of welding. Dalton's experience ranges from aluminum trailers to iron frames and even fully built race car chassis.

Dalton specializes in MIG and TIG welding

When Dalton Wiita isn't working, he is donating his time on the weekends to helping out at his local homeless shelters.


About the company

Welding Anything & Anywhere llc. was founded by Dalton Wiita to help people get their Welding needs done in a timely fashion.They strive for perfection!You can reach someone from his office  which is listed below:

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West Palm Beach
United States