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On the Phone: Phone Sex

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Phone sex refers to a sexually explicit conversation occurring between two parties over the telephone; and can include several acts of a sexual nature.

For example, phone sex between two parties may involve conversations of a highly sexual nature, enacting sexual suggestions or narrating sexual anecdotes.

As such, the practice occurs both as part of a normal relation such as between couples maintaining long distance relationships; or as part of a paid service between a paying customer and a phone sex worker who accepts the payment. In such cases, the service is usually provided by an organized service provider which employs workers on a definite contract.

Clearly, for commercial transactions such as the above, services are usually accessed these days through phone sex numbers (generally toll free); with billing taking place via various modes of payment such as credit cards, Automated Clearance Systems, etc.

Another popular type of mode of service, dubbed “Call Back Services” involves a potential customer calling an operator, who then locates an appropriate worker to call back the customer.
Previously, phone sex service providers usually used premium numbers (such as 900 and 976 numbers, as used in the USA). However, due to the high incidence of fraudulence amongst services using such numbers, the practice has mostly gone out of vogue.

Of course, with all other services, the ‘phone sex industry’ has seen a massive spurt in growth since the advent of the Internet.

Today, service providers offering phone sex services also provide for dedicated VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) voice sessions over computer networks.

In fact, even the operators who take calls from customers before directing them to the appropriate worker have begun to become predominantly automated.While phone sex does not involve any kind of physical intimacy between the two participants, it cannot be denied an emotional bond sometimes forms between the customer and the worker. For this reason, the jury still isn’t out on whether or not engaging in phone sex with a person other than one’s spouse or partner constitutes infedility.

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