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Cristina Quattrone

Self Employed Photographer

10019, United States

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About Cristina Quattrone

Technical and Definitive Aspects of Landscape Photography, by Cristina Quattrone

With a focus on landscape photography, Cristina Quattrone has spent a great deal of time and energy on the study and practice of the genre. Ms. Quattrone serves as a self-employed photographer and visual artist.

Largely considered a wide-open genre of photography, landscape photography, by definition, aims to show certain spaces of the world to those who dwell within it. From vast nature scenes and cityscapes to microscopic rivers of paramecia, landscape photography can tell the story of space or simply capture a moment of its existence. Most often associated with nature photography, landscape photography focuses on the depiction of mountains, streams, fields, coastlines, trees, sky, and other naturally occurring landforms and phenomena, free from human influence. With a preference for natural, ambient lighting, landscape photography for natures sake conveys an image of purity, regardless of violent weather or foreboding, yet awe-inspiring, landforms.

Sometime called classic landscape photography, this subgenre was best exemplified by American masters Edward Weston, Galen Rowell, John Sexton, and Ansel Adams in the 20th century. Aside from nature scenes, landscape photography can take the form of cities, towns, villages, and other areas populated by humans, in addition to unconventional ideas of space, such as a household object, flower, or body transformed into a landscape through the right combination of light and angles. Cristina Quattrone regularly incorporates elements of classic, modern, and post-modern landscape photography into her own work.

[English countryside in the style of classic landscape photography]
[Public domain via Wikimedia Commons]



Cristina Quattrone - Professional Experience:    

Self Employed Photographer



Cristina Quattrone - Interests:    

Reading, movies, cooking


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