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In today’s modern life we get to spend very little time on our health and nutrition and this has given way to various diseases and pains in our body. Moreover we look for ways to relieve us of pain instantly. One of the many drugs that have changed the way we live is Oxycontin. Actually Oxycontin is a brand name or commercial name for Purdue Pharma's brand for time-release oral oxycodone.  Oxy is sold under various brand names and its manufacturing rights are also under dispute. The distribution and use of oxycontin is controlled by strict laws in many countries. However one can easily buy oxycontine online today with the multitude of stores globally.

Oxycontin relieves a person from multiple pains and generally it is not sold without prescription. More and more people are buying oxycontin because of mainly two reasons. The main reason is the huge discount that they get and also there is no need to show prescription .oxycodone may be made of a single substance or a mixture of various substances. Like all opioids the use of oxycontin can have adverse effects on the patient. It is absolutely mandatory that you keep them in mind before you buy oxycontine. The side effects include headache , anxiety , hiccups , europhia , fatigue , constipation , laziness , nausea , constipation ,hypotension , myopia ,an enlarged prostate gland ,etc. Also the dosage of opioids can easily get out f control and stopping the use of opioids based drugs is not at all easy and is associated with removal symptoms. There is a mechanism by which oxycontin works. This mechanism has various stages that include absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination. Oxycontin is mostly administered orally or by injection. Purdue pharma which has the right to manufacture many forms of oxycontin is engaged in various cases in courts regarding the validity of its patents.

Oxycontin has been misbranded in the past. People in general do not have full knowledge of its side effects and also are less aware about the removal symptoms of oxycontin. So if you need it go ahead and buy oxycontin but be aware of its effects and side-effects.      

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