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Course Hero Inc.

Course Hero is available any time, anywhere
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805 Veterans Blvd Suite 109, Redwood City, CA, 94063

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About Course Hero Inc.

Course Hero Inc. - Summary:


Course Hero, Inc., the company behind the website www.coursehero.com, provides students with supplemental study resources and a vibrant online learning community. The company's motto, "Learn. Share. Teach. Achieve," reflects the firm's belief in the power of peer-to-peer, crowdsourced learning.

Founded in 2007 by then-college student Andrew Grauer, Course Hero maintains a catalogue of 7 million study aids contributed by users from more than 4,300 universities worldwide. Approximately 93% of the students who use the site say that their grades have improved since they joined.

Course Hero provides students with the tools they need to construct robust supplemental study plans for their college courses. The site offers a database of lecture notes, assignments, study guides and practice tests in addition to hosted video lectures from educators across the country. The new Flashcards feature allows students to create, share and store flashcards online and also generate quizzes to check their understanding. To round out its offering, Course Hero also provides 24/7 access to expert tutors to affordably provide students with the personalized attention they need on their own schedule.

Course Hero offers both free and paid membership options, so that students can gain access to these valuable resources regardless of their budget. Many students choose to earn free membership by contributing documents to the Course Hero database.

In addition to gaining free access, students may choose to upload documents through the Course Hero Knowledge Drive, the company's philanthropic initiative, which donates 1 book to Africa for every 10 documents a student uploads. In partnership with Books for Africa, Course Hero established the Knowledge Drive to simultaneously build a powerful resource for college students while giving the gift of education to underserved communities abroad. The Knowledge Drive will make its first donation of over 44,000 books to libraries in the Gambia in February 2012.



Course Hero Inc. - Products and Services:    


Study Materials


Course Hero hosts the largest online database of study materials with more than 7 million student-uploaded documents from over 4,300 universities around the world. With lecture notes, study guides, textbook help, practice problems and exams, and video lectures, Course Hero has the learning resources you need to excel. Search for materials by school, department, course or professor.



It's the night before your Calculus II exam and you are still struggling with improper integrals. Sometimes you need a little personal attention: our diverse set of experts are always on call and available to walk you through even your most complicated questions.


New! Flashcards

Flashcards are one of the simplest and most effective study tools around. Browse thousands of existing sets or create your own using our digital flashcard system. Once you’ve customized your set, save it, share it with friends, and quiz yourself until you’ve mastered the material.


Educator Platform

Through Course Hero’s Educator Platform, you can engage directly with experts in the fields you’re passionate about. As educators share their knowledge, you are invited to follow their interests, learning what they want, when they want.

Additionally, Course Hero’s Educator Platform gives world-class educators the opportunity to share their academic expertise with avid learners around the world. The Educator Platform allows educators to distribute materials, publish content and follow other educators. We give educators the power to connect with, engage, and inspire students of all ages on a global scale.




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Course Hero Inc. - Hours of Operation:     


Course Hero's Customer Service Hours are 10 am to 6 pm pst Monday – Friday




Course Hero Inc. - Payment Options:     


USD, Standard US Currencies Methods

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