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Coty Sweeney


32503, United States

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5 Ways To DOUBLE Your Profits By December 31st 2010

What if I told you it was possible to DOUBLE your profits before the clock hits midnight on December 31st, 2010? Follow along and learn the 5 steps necessary to take any business from struggling to successful in just a few short months.



1. Increase your prices.

Nearly every marketer online and off makes this mistake. They price their products too low, thinking that if they charge more, they'll make fewer sales and scare away their customers. Fact is, you can charge any price you want, as long as your VALUE exceeds your price.

What do I mean?

Customers don't make a decision solely based on a product's price, in fact it is probably second or third on the list. The first and foremost factor is VALUE. Does your product deliver more than they can get anywhere else? Does it solve their problem better than the other solutions available? Don't worry about raising your price, just make your product impossible to live without.

How do you make your product impossible to live without?

Know what your customers need. If you know what your customers are looking for, you can shape your product so it fits their needs perfectly. Once you do that, it won't matter what your competitors are charging, because your product will be more valuable than your competitors. So to recap, make your product more valuable and you can raise the price and your customers will still pay.

2. Keep your paying customers....paying

How many products do you sell your average customer? One, two maybe? Then you go off and try to find new customers and repeat that cycle over and over every month. That's just plain nuts. Why run around finding new customers, convincing them to trust you, and convincing them to buy your product when you can just sell to the customers who have already bought from you?

You provided them a good product the first time, and maybe even the second time, so why not continue?

Follow up each one of your products with another bigger product or a similar product that can help your existing customers and watch your profits increase without any extra work. All it takes is an email to let them know that you are back with another product or a better product and they will pull out their wallets and happily purchase from you again. It's one of the easiest ways to make money and it is not difficult to implement at all.

That was just two of the top 5 ways to double your profits by December 31st, 2010. Stay tuned for steps three, four, and five. Also check out Blueprints to Profits and get a complete course on increasing your profits by up to 300% in 6 months or less. Groundbreaking material by internationally renowned author Paul Lemberg. This course could be the difference maker, but only if you apply it. Plus get a look at the hottest Blueprints to Profits bonus online - a FREE laptop to the first 75 people who buy Blueprints to Profits!


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