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I'm Costy Senders and I am the proud owner of AstroGuru. My AstroGuru website was founded in 2009. At that time, a pregnant girlfriend and I wanted as a maternity gift to make something personal for her, which has become a home painting. This painting is still in the room. Because she was so excited I decided to go here to do something with it.

At that time I followed a training Astrology and decided to combine it with the painting. The name Astro Guru was quickly found with this astrological baby paintings. Many people do not believe in astrology, but everybody sometimes reads his horoscope. On the internet I saw that there were not many of these paintings, so this was quickly decided.

I am now a few years later because I like variety, I'm going to make much more different items. At first these were only painted paintings, later paintings with different substances. The jigsaw comes in recent years to adjust for inter alia signs, picture frames and baby kinderkapstokjes. I saw everything yourself, so I can make any favorite character.

The newest items are music boxes, which are made of different materials with a sweet lullaby, always a fun and practical maternity gift.

And the ideas keep coming. The child in me came up when I paint with those colors cute and funny little baby animals and drawing and painting. And the enthusiastic response make sure that I make everything more fun..


About the company

AstroGuru is:- An exceptional cast of mediums- A little closer to the stars ...: Astrology from A to Z by our Astrologist  Costy Senders- Your Avenir à la carte: the widest selection of tarots divinatoires du web!- Numerology in all its states ... since the numbers are a little diviners

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