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Conduit is a supervillain who nearly defeated Superman. His powers derived from a special suit of armor that used Kryptonite radiation as an energy source. To get rid of Conduit, Superman had to confront his past. In fact, Conduit’s obsession with defeating the Man of Steel started out in Smallville. Before Conduit was Superman’s nemesis, he was Clark Kent’s athletic rival. Growing up, Clark did not know about his Kryptonian heritage. He thought he was a regular human who happened to be very good at sports. At the time, Conduit was simply Kenny Braverman, the perennial runner up to Clark’s first place. Braverman soon became insanely jealous of Clark’s successes. Braverman’s bitterness turned especially dark when Lana Lang chose Clark as her prom date and not him. 

Braverman left Smallville and soon joined the CIA. He was trained as a special operative, and then volunteered for an experimental procedure. Braverman was granted superpowers, but at a steep cost: The power suit that gave him the ability to fly and shoot Kryptonite radiation blasts was permanently attached to his body. As Conduit, Braverman worked as a high level superpowered special intelligence asset. But thoughts of revenge against Clark Kent were never far from his mind. 

Meanwhile, Clark had moved to Metropolis, assumed the mantle of Superman, and started a new life at the Daily Planet. Conduit attacked him, and was repulsed by Superman. To remove Conduit from the equation was no easy task for Superman. His Kryptonite-powered enemies generally speaking are hard to defeat. But Conduit was also a CIA combatant and tactician. Superman eventually got rid of Conduit once and for all when the two had an epic battle in Smallville. By now, Conduit knew Superman’s secret identity. Conduit’s rage made him careless, and his suit overloaded, killing him in the process.


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Superman had many rivals. Conduit was one of the more interesting one. Find out how superman got rid of Conduit for good.

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