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The Conduit Road in Hong Kong was constructed in 1910. The road was built on one of the highest points on Hong Kong Island. It’s “Conduit” name refers to the water system beneath the street. Visitors can do a conduit search and find where the system begins and ends. 

Conduit Road is a residential area. The first buildings on the road were built on its southern mountainside section. The road was temporarily renamed during the Japanese occupation, but was changed back to its original name after the withdrawal. Two lethal landslides occurred during two of the road’s building phases. The first occurred in 1911 due to excavation and heavy rain, and the second, much more deadly landslide, occurred from a redevelopment site. 


Due to its long history, the road’s residential component is composed of a mix of older residents and more modern, upscale residents. 39 Conduit Road, which was completed in 2009, is the subject of record-breaking prices and some controversy. As of 2009 it holds the record of being Asia’s most expensive property - one duplex apartment went for its $9,200 (USD) per square foot asking price. Controversy surrounded the building’s marketing and completion.

Conduit Road is also the home of many of the escalators that make up the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System, which connects Conduit Road to Queen’s Road Central. The escalator system was completed in 1993 and, due to the steep angle of the streets, makes movement between the two areas much easier for its residents and visitors. It is the longest covered escalator system in the world. The escalators allow people to more effectively travel around, and a Conduit search can be done to learn how to more effectively maneuver the escalator systems and its bisecting streets. 


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Conduit Road is a wonderful residential street in Hong Kong. The Conduit Search site was created by a former resident with a gentle spot for the street he grew up on.

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