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About Conduit

Conduit develops products that connect online publishers with end users. However, Conduit's aim in not to just connect publishers with any end user but instead help companies target users who are a good fit with their content and products. All of Conduit's products, including the Community Toolbar, Conduit Mobile, U, and QuickLaunch are designed to keep end users actively engaged. The Conduit line of products supports companies in building a client base by creating customer loyalty and pulling in new customers.

Conduit Mobile

Conduit Mobile provides publishers with a platform to build their own mobile apps. The tools and options for customization aim to make it easy for publishers to build an app, especially when they don’t know how to write code. The platform also allows publishers to analyze usage, maintain and promote their apps. Through the control panel, publishers can provide end user support. Once built, the apps can be published to a mobile site immediately. In addition, the platform is flexible and can grow with the publisher, depending on the plan.

Custom Community Toolbar

The Custom Community Toolbar created by Conduit gives publishers an additional way to pull in new customers. Publishers can create customized toolbars unique to their business by adding their own logo and using it as an extension of their website. The toolbars stay on the screen, no matter where the end user is browsing, and continually leads users back to the publisher’s website (until uninstalled). The toolbars can be used to duplicate or strengthen the publisher's business strategies. With monetization options, the Conduit toolbar is an additional tool for increasing income. The Community Toolbar works on all the major browsers, which adds to the reach that publishers can achieve.

U Browser by Conduit

U Browser is an Internet browser with additional functionality for social networking, music, and news feeds. Conduit recognizes the problems users face when jumping from one digital device to another—and so they developed U Browser. With U Browser, users can have everything that's important to them easily accessible and viewable. U combines it all into one experience—Conduit calls it “cross-over browsing.”


QuickLaunch is a product by Conduit that takes advantage of the screen space on locked mobile phones, which is usually considered dead space. By using that unique space to place branded content and apps, companies can keep their name in front of users all day long. Conduit’s patented feature, Unlock Via Content, lets mobile users enter their phones directly through content on the lock screen and gain immediate access to their dial pad, apps, camera, notes and more.



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