Cliff Kigar

Cliff Kigar

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A young man whose outgoing personality makes him a favorite among teachers, fellow students, and teammates, Cliff Kigar is prepared for a future that appears bright and full of endless possibilities. Having just completed his freshman year at Olentangy High School, Mr. Kigar had little trouble adjusting to the demands of high school academics and was able to maintain a 3.852 grade point average. Cliff Kigar’s success as a student carried over from when he was at Shanahan Middle School, where he received the President’s Award for Educational Excellence and was an Honor Student. Cliff Kigar’s penchant for both math and science allowed him to earn a spot in Olentangy’s honors algebra and physics programs; he is strongly considering a career in engineering.

In addition to being an outstanding student, Cliff Kigar has also demonstrated strong athletic ability in a number of sports. A former football player who enjoys running cross-country in the fall, he finds his true passion lies with the sport of lacrosse. Throughout his young life, Mr. Kigar has played on a number of elite lacrosse teams, including the Liberty Iroquois and the Resolute 2015 squad. For the 2012 summer, he plans to play for Haymakers Lacrosse, an invitation-only team that participates in tournaments throughout the East Coast. For his lacrosse teams, Mr. Kigar plays attackman, a goal-scoring position that requires a player to possess a combination of speed and agility, along with strong stick skills and an accurate shot. Cliff Kigar learned a lot about how to play the position and the game of lacrosse itself during his first season spent playing as a member of Olentangy’s Varsity Lacrosse Team.


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