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Cliff Gager Real Estate Investing Expert

Over the last 16 years I have been actively training people to be able to achieve their dreams of becoming real estate investors.

I was fortunate to be the "end result" of what they paid the gurus a lot of money for, and I was blessed to have the experience and the knowledge to provide the best training available to them from the companies I worked for.

I say fortunate because I was not really involved in the process that got them into my training, so I was able to work with everyone and get them what they needed to be able to walk out of the class room and engage in real estate investing with confidence!

Since I have been away from the Seminar circuit and on my own, I hear many stories about how people spent their life savings and beyond to achieve the dream of being a real estate investor!

These are the stories that caused me to create the programs I now provide to all my clients. Real Training with real techniques that work for anyone that employs the strategies in todays market. I provide this at a reasonable cost to allow all to obtain real world knowledge without breaking the bank in costs to attend.

This year I created an Online Real Estate Training Membership Site that provides all my available training media, at an extremely affordable price. I am constantly introducing new techniques and investment strategy methods that incorporate current market needs. By updating my materials on a daily basis, the members get real and true value since they will actually be able to apply it instantly to create profitable deals.

However, my online training program is the flagship of my real estate investor training business. Since I have extensive experience in doing live training events I will also be scheduling 3 day boot camps, onsite live mentor training, onsite property location tours, and private one on one apprenticeship training as well.

Cliff Gager Real Estate Career History

1992 - Present Private Real Estate Investor - Nationwide
Bought, Fixed, And Sold Several Million Dollars of Residential Single Family, Multi-Family, And Residential Single Family Developments.

1997-1999 Fortune 21 - Longwood, Florida
Real Estate Investor Training Phone Coach - Onsite Mentor/Trainer/Instructor
Sales Consultant - Assistant Department Manager - Lead Mentor for US and Canadian operations.

1999-2003 Real Estate Investor Support - Lake Mary, Florida
Real Estate Investor Training Phone Coach - Onsite Mentor/Trainer/Instructor
Sales Consultant - Lead Mentor.

2006-2008 REIS - James Smith Real Estate
Onsite Mentor/Trainer/Instructor - Sales Consultant - Lead Mentor for US and Canadian Operations.

2008-2009 Trump University / Institute - Mike and Irene Milan
Onsite Mentor/Trainer/Instructor - Speaker.

2008-2009 Net Marketing, Robert Shemin, Bill Rancic, and others...
Onsite Mentor/Trainer/Instructor - Speaker.


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