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The muay Thai form of kick boxing dates up to hundreds of years ago when the kings used to rule Thailand. This is one of the national fight forms of Thailand. The sole use of body makes this fight form independent of weapons. Only the limbs and joints of the body were used to attack and it involve techniques of gathering force which made these kicks and punches brutal even to cause death sometimes.


It is possible to defend the opponent by anticipating, disrupting, avoiding or evading his moves. The muay Thai is also used in other mixed martial art moves. The advantage of this form of art over the other conventional fighting methods is that it provides the user with an edge over the rest of the group. Muay Thai is indeed a great skill to possess which is very difficult to be matched in its class and impact. The traditional form of art that has flown from the mystical land of Thailand has spread its wings even to the western World with the Westerners showing love towards learning this art. The Muay Thai DVD are of great help in this regard as they can provide you with a look into the various moves that are famous among the Muay Thai warriors.


Talking about the places where one can learn this unique form of art, the best place would be the place of origin of the art, Thailand. The Thai experts of the art have been literally worshipping this skill over the years and this is the reason for their unmatched expertise in it. The history of Muay Thai in Thailand goes back to the times of the kings, when Thailand was under the control o Indian Kings. With the wave of time, the art got revived and was reinvented to take up its present form. As a matter of fact, one would not be wrong in saying that the art has been the mother to many forms of art all over the globe. Muay Thai can be rated as one of the best and the deadliest form of art at present.


The proper practice of this skill can make a person very strong both physically and mentally. The essence of Muay Thai in its original meaning lies in the fact that the Muay Thai warriors are first trained to possess control over their anger so that there is no misuse of power and skill once they are well versed with the art. This fact talks about the deadly nature of the art and the self control a person needs to have before he learns it. Muay Thai DVDs are available in the online stores too, so that you may benefit to the fullest from it.


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