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Martial art being the best self defenceive and attacking technique is most in demand today. This term literally means- the art of wars. However, now evolution of this art form has taken place in various countries with different names. China was the birthplace of martial arts. It was the Shaolin monks (Buddhist sector) who had originated this sacred art form kung fu in around the 15th century. Even today we find the shaolin temples in many places where kung fu is taught to its disciples.


It was further refined by them till the later days and then it spread to different parts of the world with various names accordingly influenced by the place and the practices there. The martial arts techniques involve of extensive training so as to make the mind and body sharp and alert in order to keep it ready to face the worst of the attacks anytime. There are a number of moves in martial arts using which a person can be defeated with just one stroke, either by paralyzing him or causing death. This is done by attacking in the right place with the right force. Thus such a dangerous form of combat would require an ultimate mastery over our mind and anger so as to keep ourselves from hurting others unnecessarily.


The evolutions of martial arts in various countries are now the different forms of martial arts. These involve the aikido, a Japanese martial art form that involves of motion rather than static fighting. The techniques inhere are to throw the opponent using his own repulsive force, and also the joint locks are emphasized. This is from where the judo has evolved. The chanbara is another Japanese art form that involves of the sword fighting. This is the origin of the samurais in the recent days. They are the masters of the swords.


There is the ninjutsu, an ancient form of martial arts. This combat form makes use of stealthy movements and camouflage in their fighting. Most of the moves in this fight form are designed to kill the enemy. This is the form of combat that was developed and originated to perform secret elimination operations during the reign of the kings.


Presently a number of martial arts DVDs are available in the market for training purposes. Though you would not have the detailed theory practice, but you will be provided with the specific techniques of martial arts. Martial arts DVDs usually use the experts of martial arts for training sessions. You can have all the video details so as to learn it by watching and then practicing it. If you cannot go the learning centre, then the martial arts DVD is a good option.



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