Christopher Cabacar

Christopher Cabacar

Architect. Real Estate Investor.

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Architect. Real Estate Investor. | Restlessly Ambitious. I Like to Play.

Christopher Cabacar, Associate AIA, is a candidate for architectural licensure in the state of California. He is currently practicing independently in collaborative design + build endeavors as an active partner with VON. Currently he is working on projects in Valle de Uco, Argentina; Munich, Germany; Potomac, Maryland; Washington DC; and Fairview Beach, Virginia. On a parallel and somewhat related note, Christopher is an active real estate investor providing creative solutions to real (estate) problems for real people. Real estate investing is the vehicle in which Christopher builds the solid financial foundations of his architecture practice and other business ventures. 

Previously he had worked as an architectural project manager, designer and independent contractor at the office of David Jameson Architect, Inc for 10 years before striking off on his own with pursuits in architectural design and real estate investing. During his tenure with the office of David Jameson, many of the studio's key projects were recognized locally, nationally and internationally for excellence in design as well as various other design awards. 

He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech in 2001. Supplementing his professional degree, he pursued independent studies in architecture + urban design within the design studio of (2009 Pritzker Prize winner) Peter Zumthor and Kenneth Frampton's architectural theory course at L'Accademia d'Architettura.

Urban design, residential design, commercial + mix use design, urban buildings, architecture, exhibitions, spatial installations, design competition proposals, real estate investing, providing creative solutions to real people with real problems for real estate. 

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When Christopher is not busy with architecture and/or real estate investing, you can certainly find him playing hard or doing things that remind him how small and insignificant he is in this universe, whether that be stateside or in Argentina. Aside from spending time with his wife, being "Coco Chris" to his beloved nephews, and valuing time with family, Christopher's diverse interests and passions include wine and wine making, traveling, mountaineering, trekking, sleeping under the stars, ice + rock climbing, ice hockey, Hawaiin sling spear fishing, and distance running. 

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Providing creative solutions to real problems for real people with real estate.

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