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Christina Sanford
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Christina Sanford Ph.D., M.D

Integrating: Visions & Dreams
Heaven on Earth

46307, United States

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About Christina Sanford


Christina Sanford - Professional Summary:    I AM a preternaturally talented artist-seer, a reluntant empath afflicted with back shivers and psychic twinges, who walks to the phone before it rings.  



Christina Sanford - Professional Experience:    26 Years and still going... 



Christina Sanford - Education:    6 Years of College and 26 Years of Life Experience. 



Christina Sanford - Interests:   


11:11, 11:12, 12:12, 2012, alchemy, aliens, abductions, aberration, afterlife, alchemy, aligned, alignment, All One, aloha, altar, altered state, alternate dimensions, angels, arise, artistic, astral projection/travel, Atlantis, aura, auspicious, avatar, Awake, awareness, ayurveda, Balance, baraka, being, believe, Bermuda Triangle, beyond, Buddha, Burning Man, butterflies, butterfly effect, candles, Celestial, cellular, chakras, chanting, Circle of Life, clarity, clairvoyance, clairvoyant, cleansing, clear quartz, clouds, community, compassion, connected, consciousness, conservation, contact, contemplation, cosmic, Council, crop circles, crystals, Crystal Child, crystal healing, curiosity, deep space, Deepak Chopra, deeper meaning, deity, deja vu, delicate, destiny, detoxify, Devi, devotion, dimension, divination, DNA, dolphins, dove, dragonflies, dream, dreams, drum circle, drumming, Durga, Earth, earthling, ecstatic, eclipse, Elder, emerge, Energy, energy field, energy work, enjoy being, Enlightenment, environment, equality, equinox, esoteric, essence, E.T., ethereal, etheric, evolve, evolution, existance, existential, extraterrestial, extra-terrestial, fantasy, fascination, feeling, films, finding yourself, flowers, former vegetarian, free will, frequency, full moon drumming, galaxy, Gandhi, Ganesh, gay rights, ghosts, the Gift, glow, Goddess, Gratitude, green tea, grounded, growth, gut-feeling, haiku, haku, Hanuman, Harmonic Convergence, Harmony, healing, hearing, holistic, honesty, Hope, humanity, i am love, illuminate, incense, India, indigo, Indigo Child, infinity, inner eye, Inner Peace, inner-self, insomnia, integrate, intention, International Day of Peace, In The Moment, introspective, intuition, Journey, Kali, karma, karmic, kindness, Kirtan, Kodamas, Krishna, Kuan Yin, laughter, Lemuria, Life Force, Light, Lightworkers, love+light, lotus, Love, lucid, lunar, Machu Pichu, magnetic, mandala, manifestation, Marciniak, massage, matrix, Mayans, mediate, meditate, meditation, Medium, Megaverse, Merkaba, messages, metaphysics, meteors, minority rights, Miyazaki, moldavite, Moon, Moonlight, moon phases, movies, mystical, mysticism, namaste, nature, Nitiraj, non-violence, not mainstream, Now, Ocean, offering, om, om ah hum, om mani padme hum, ONE, One Love, oracle cards, ORMUS, the Others, out-of-body, paradigm, parallel worlds, Parvati, past lives, peace, PeaceMaker, pendulums, perception, phenomenon, photography, planetary, planets, Pleiades, practice, Praises for the World, presence, probing, prosperity, protection, psychic ability, public transportation, purity, Purpose, quantum physics, quartz, Quest, questioning, rabbit hole, Radiant, rain, Rainbow Child, rebirth, reduce, reuse, recycle, reflection, regression, Reiki, reincarnation, resonance, respect, retrograde, rhythm, rituals, Rosa Parks, Rumi, sacred, sacred geometry, sage, Saraswati, Satya Sai Baba, seasons, Seeker, sense, shape shift, shaman, sharing, shift, stillness, Shiva, singing bowls, Sirius, six senses, sky, solar, solar energy, solar system, soul2soul, Souls, Spirit Guides, Spirits, spiritual, Stardancer, Stars, static, Sun, sunny winter days, sweet, swimming, synchronicity, talisman, Tara, Tarot, Teachers, telepathy, Thich Nhat Hanh, thinking, Third Eye, thunderstorms, Tibet, tides, timing, trance, transformation, Trees, tribal, trinity, Triskele, Trust, truth, UFOs, unconditional, understanding, under the stars, the unexplored, the unexposed, unicorn, unite, universal, Universe, unpolluted, vegetarian, vibrance, Vibration, vibrational medicine, Vishnu, visualization, visions, voices, vortex, voyage, walking, Water, What the Bleep, winds of change, wonder, World Peace, worm hole, Yemanya, Yin+Yang, yin yang, yoga, young & old souls.




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