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For nearly 20 years, security expert and law enforcement professional Christopher Grollnek has been immersed in the study and application of protective measures in the military, police, and private sectors. A co-founder of Frisco, Texas-based Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC, Chris Grollnek performs his work with a rich history in security training and risk management consulting, bringing an intimate understanding of the needs of public and private organizations to bear. Along with a team of highly experienced executives and former military officers, Chris Grollnek creates lasting value in Countermeasure Consulting’s services, which currently includes consulting victims and lawyers representing clients and victims of malicious prosecutions.  Specializing in case readings and advice to defense teams seeking to determine the factuality of cases by tapping into his prior experience as an undercover narcotics detective.   Chris Grollnek continues advising in the area of defense training in such areas as critical incident response, workplace violence, corporate security, investigations, and risk management.  Chris Grollnek is recognized as a top security consultant who has testified before sub committees of the Senate Ways and Means Committee regarding needs of counterterrorism training in 2002.  Chris Grollnek has earned numerous military and police certifications. He serves as Secretary of the International Association of Undercover Officers, Inc. and maintains memberships in the National Tactical Police Officers Association, Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, and the Texas Municipal Police Association. 
Prior to the formation of Countermeasure Consulting Group, in October of 2003, Chris Grollnek was sworn in as a member of the McKinney Police Department assigned to the reserve unit, patrol division.  In February of 2004, Chris became a full time officer advancing quickly through the department.  Serving in each division of the agency, Chris has an impressive background of police experience.  Early in his career, Chris worked with the gang unit, illicit narcotic street interdiction, and was selected ahead of several peers and supervisors to work in the highly coveted position as an undercover narcotics detective.  Following his tenure in working undercover in federal and state prosecutions and a high caseload, Chris Grollnek latterly transferred to the detective pool working both crimes against persons and property.  In 2007, Chris Grollnek was promoted to the rank of Corporal filling a sergeant billet for the patrol division power shift.  Chris served with the departments part-time Special Weapons and Tactics Team in nearly every position from 2005 through mid 2008 and again in 2009 through his retirement in September 2011.  The positions Chris held on the team included; permitter, entry team member, advanced tactics and firearms instructor, shotgun breacher, rural terrain tactics instructor, and training coordinator.
Additional achievements during Grollnek's police time include oversight for subordinate officers throughout the department.  Chris Grollnek graduated the ILEA school of Professional Standards, Ethics, and Internal Affairs as a certified investigator.  Chris has been awarded multiple merit awards and unit commendations for his tireless efforts in community safety endeavors including the Police Shield for bravery during a critical incident.  Prior to joining the McKinney Police Department, Grollnek was a member of the United States Marine Corps from 1992 through 2003.  Chris Grollnek spent his final three years with the Marines as Reserve Battalion Operations Chief and Armory Staff Noncommissioned Officer in Charge for the 4th Reconnaissance Battalion in San Antonio, Texas. Grollnek served in various capacities with the Marines, including Master Instructor, Weapons Expert, Senior Drill Instructor, and Close Combat Instructor.  Decorated for his military service, Chris Grollnek holds a Navy Commendation Medal, an Army Commendation Medal, an Army Achievement Medal, 3 Navy Achievement Medals, and 15 campaign ribbons and medals along with seven expert awards for marksmanship with both the rifle and pistol.  A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Chris Grollnek earned an Associate of Arts in Education and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Leadership Studies from University of Maryland University College.  In March 2012, Chris Grollnek received his Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security with a 4.0 GPA graduating with honors from the University of Phoenix.  in October of 2011, Chris Grollnek was inducted into the National Criminal Justice Honor Society in the Eta Theta chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma at the University of Phoenix, Inc.
Recognized for his service to the community, Chris Grollnek has donated his time and energy to a wide range of philanthropic causes on a local, state, and national level.  Over the years, Grollnek has volunteered at the McKinney Independent School District gang and awareness group; the Nexus Recovery Center, Inc.; the Texas Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition; and Scott’s Helping Hands, which he cofounded in 2007 to address issues of adolescent substance abuse.  Away from his work, Chris Grollnek enjoys all manner of recreational activities, practicing digital photography and reading whenever possible.  Along with his family, Grollnek is retired and resides in McKinney, Texas.


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