Chris Colaluca

President and CEO
Metropolitan Events, Alexandria, VA

United States
United States

About Chris Colaluca

Chris Colaluca leverages years of professional experience toward his current role as President and CEO of Metropolitan Events. In this capacity, Chris Colaluca plays a key role in driving sales growth, streamlining operations, and assisting his team in meeting Metropolitan Events’ overarching business goals. Under Chris Colaluca’s keen management, Metropolitan Events’ Washington D.C. offices have been distinguished as the top offices in the country several times.

Adhering to the highest standards in his field, Chris Colaluca maintains memberships in the National Leadership Organization, Entrepreneurs for Capitalism, United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, Chris Colaluca is a member of The Indus Entrepreneurs, the National Association for the Self-Employed, and the Young Entrepreneurs Network.

Passionate about helping others, Chris Colaluca supports a wide variety of charitable organizations, including Save the Children, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, the Breast Cancer Fund, and Scholarship America. Chris Colaluca also takes an active role in his community through local efforts to help feed the homeless and collect food, clothes, and furniture for charities.

Chris Colaluca studied at Bryant College, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Management.

Currently residing in Alexandria, Virginia, Chris Colaluca has a variety of hobbies. In his limited spare time, Chris Colaluca enjoys playing sports such as street hockey and softball.

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