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Chaya Lollar LL.D

managing director


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Sometimes in life things become tough and you suffer unexpected setbacks. It happens to almost everyone sometime or the other. Your finances are dwindling, you’re faced with mounting bills and costs, and your credit scores are bad. You go to a bank for a conventional loan but get turned down for a number of reasons. They say your credit score is bad, that you don’t earn enough every month to pay your installments, and that you are borrowing too small an amount! How crazy is that! Well, you can stop worrying because title loans have been created for this very purpose, to provide cash in emergency situations at reasonable interest rates without giving a hoot about your credit scores, how much you earn every month, or how small the amount you are borrowing is.

Title loans, or car title loans as they are often called, gives loans to people who provide cars as collateral. They are usually short term and carry slightly more interest than conventional loans because they are considered to be risky investments. Lenders of car title loans do not check the borrowers’ credit and only consider the condition of the car for the value of the loan. Their only condition is that the car’s title must be completely owned by the borrower in the sense that the borrower must not have a loan existing on the car that he is offering as collateral.

Among title loan providers Phoenix Title Loans is a frontrunner. Phoenix Title Loans provides title loans to people in need of cash even though they have bad credit. They take cars as collateral but don’t cause you the embarrassment of having your car towed away because you defaulted on your payments because they allow capital to be carried over as another loan that can be paid over a longer period of time. Phoenix Title Loans allow you to pay as you can at the time of each installment even if it’s lower than the amount you’re SUPPOSED to pay as long as you pay at least the interest due. They allow you to draw a-z title loans starting from as little as 100 dollars to as much as 100,000 dollars. This is a feature unique to title loans as banks offering conventional loans do not allow you to borrow amounts as small as 100 dollars. Phoenix Title Loans charge you interest at just about half the rate of most payday loans thereby ensuring that the installments are reasonable and that you never default on your payments. And best of all, Phoenix Title Loans provide quick and easy cash almost as soon as you apply for a loan. Apply online and you could get your money in 30 minutes or less because that is precisely what title loans are set up for, to provide cash ASAP to people who are in urgent need of it.



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