Charles Kirkland Phoenix Arizona

Charles Kirkland Phoenix Arizona

Arizona Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

clean energy systems LLC


About Me

Since 2009, Charles Kirkland has served as chief executive officer of Phoenix, Arizona-based Clean Energy Systems (CES), LLC, where he provides solar leasing options for qualified tax investments for commercial and residential clients.

Mr. Kirkland has been interested in business at a young age. His first purchase of real estate occurred when he was 14 years old. He has continued his interest in real estate investments for thirty-four years. He decided to share his knowledge to teaching real estate. He has taught in various schools in the state of Arizona. He has his own Real Estate CD "90 Hours of Real Estate", to help real estate students pass their license test. He has helped hundreds of people successfully pass on their first try. At 19, he honed in to his entrepreneurial spirit, he launched his first venture, a gourmet popcorn delivery business where he popped and packaged different flavors of popcorn, including banana, cinnamon, strawberry, and chocolate. Mr. Kirkland always had an interest in Solar Power and any alternative power that would not damage the earth. He fondly called himself "the tree hugger". He combined his love for real estate, business, and clean energy to benefit his customers. He has made clean energy available for everybody.

When not working, Mr. Kirkland stays actively involved in his local community. He volunteers at non profit organizations such as the Phoenix Symphony Allegro, The Arizona Historical League, Sojourner Center, Goodwill Center, and St. Vincent de Paul. He is a Fourth Level Grand Knight in the order of the Knights of Columbus. He also volunteers his time by helping to raise funds for the Knights of Columbus and has served as a troop leader for the Boy Scouts of America.


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