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Chaddock Fiduciary Services


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  Chaddock Fiduciary Services - Products and Services:        Operated by one of California’s original fiduciary licensees, Chaddock Fiduciary Services provides expert service to counties throughout the state of California. Responsible for managing over $20 million in total assets, the company specializes in real estate sales and purchases, estate management, filing income tax returns, reporting to trust and estate beneficiaries, and investing assets from trusts and estates. William Chaddock, Chief Executive Officer of Chaddock Fiduciary Services,LLC, possesses a broad range of financial service experience. He has helped his business to achieve official court appointments from five Superior Courts to serve in the following roles: estate conservator and guardian, trustee, administrator, and executor. Chaddock Fiduciary Services, LLC, provides reliable, high-quality services as

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