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CGTV Teaches Practical Skills to Young Actors

CGTV is a training program designed to help young actors develop self-confidence and leadership skills while learning to refine their acting skills with the guidance of professional actors. The CGTV program also addresses the business aspects of acting, offering practical tools to help young artists earn income from their craft. Based in Los Angeles, California, CGTV travels to various cities with popular actors from Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, including founder Adrian R’Mante, a former leading cast member from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

With instruction in cold reading and other audition techniques, CGTV teaches hands-on strategies for finding paid acting work. The program utilizes improv exercises to help actors develop confidence and spontaneity. CGTV also offers tips for making audition videotapes and self-marketing. At the end of the program, parents and students are invited to participate in an open forum to address any additional questions or concerns they may have.

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CGTV provides sincere opportunities for young actors to get a head start on their lives by helping them develop leadership and teamwork skills, self-confidence and the ability to earn income all while having fun learning how to act. CGTV travels to various cities with top actors from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. These actors have spent years in the entertainment industry and they certainly know how to act but they also know how to manage the business side of entertainment as well. CGTV program is a high level TV and Film program that is designed to connect young artists with the reality of the business while being guided by the celebrities they work with in the program.

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