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CCTV Cameras In School: Disadvantages And Benefits

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Since CCTV Security Cameras existed anywhere we go today, it is no longer shocking that even school campuses start to use them as well. And although there are a lot of CCTV Cameras Advantages, even to universities, Installing CCTV Cameras in school campuses is still giving birth to a lot of issues whether school premises must be spared from being monitored or not. Here, we will tackle the pros and cons of having CCTV Cameras Systems in schools. 

Let's start off with the countless CCTV Cameras Benefits in school premises: 
I. These CCTV Surveillance Cameras are good for stopping acts of misbehaviours among students because, frequently, students tend to misbehave when they see no superior around. 
II. It may prevent, or catch, theft. The same with any other places, schools can be a good place for stealing and with the help of CCTV Cameras Tools, this can be avoided. 
III. It can also help in putting stop to smoking, or worse, using drugs, while in school's premises. 
IV. It may lessen events that involve bullying, vandalism and even violence given that no student, at his right mind, would do such things knowing that he is being "watched" by these IP CCTV Cameras.
V. The presence of CCTV Security Cameras Systems also avoided unauthorized people from entering the school premises.
VI. It is also a good way to make everybody --- students, faculties and staff --- feel safer when they are inside the school campus.
VII. Lastly, Setting Up CCTV Cameras in school campuses would ensure that the faculty are doing good practice. 

But same with everything else, School CCTV Cameras Systems are not all pros. They have their share of disadvantages, as well, and here they are:
I. This involves a huge CCTV Cameras Cost since school campuses are usually large and it would take a lot of security cameras to make the whole place all covered. 
II. It invades privacy, not only to the students but also to the school's faculty and staff, especially because the footage may be distributed without the authorization of the people involved. 
III. Having any CCTV Cameras Types set up all over the school premises would give out a sense of common suspicion between the students and the school administration and this should be avoided. If there's anything that a school body should develop, its trust between the students and the school admin since this will lead to a harmonious relationship. 

This is why, the presence of Network IP CCTV Cameras in school premises has a lot both advantages and disadvantages, it's no longer surprise why it was stirring a lot of issues for several years already. But, everything still depends on the school administration whether they would realize that the many benefits of possessing CCTV Cameras Network installed all over the campus are enough not to take its disadvantages seriously. It's their responsibility to balance the advantages of having security system all over the place versus its cons. Anyhow, it is not just the students that they are to protect here but everybody who goes inside the campus, as well.

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