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Carolyn Upshaw

Folk Art Enthusiast

45224, United States

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A dedicated craftswoman, Carolyn Upshaw has learned to create handmade art in a wide variety of media. Carolyn Upshaw enjoys a number of activities, particularly those that involve creating original works, including embroidery, knitting, and sewing. In the future, Carolyn Upshaw would like to start her own business around these crafts, a needlepoint creations barn. She has significant experience in knitting and considers it to be one of her favorite activities. She has recently started branching out into working with new fabrics and various threads, attempting challenging patterns. With a mixture of embroidering by hand and working with sewing machines to create garments, Carolyn Upshaw's crafts are truly original. She also participates in the Japanese tradition of folding paper into various shapes without the use of glue or scissors, known as origami.
Carolyn Upshaw also enjoys trying new activities, pushing herself to learn about many different subjects and skills. She has recently become interested in learning about the intricacies involved in different types of tobacco, and she finds smoking pipes and cigars to be particularly enjoyable. She also hopes to learn how to work with wood and iron, creating furniture and functional items through traditional methods.
A lover of the outdoors, she spends most of her free time in the woods and in the water. In addition to hiking and mountain climbing, Carolyn Upshaw can identify a number of birds through her interest in birdwatching. She has experienced a number of spelunking adventures, including cave diving. Carolyn Upshaw also challenges herself through canoeing trips and scuba diving excursions. However, she also likes to relax, lying in the sun to get a tan and looking for intriguing shells, rocks, and other treasures on the beach. When at home, Carolyn Upshaw likes spending time in her garden, trimming and shaping bonsai trees. 


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Hobbies Like knitting and favorite pastime is knotting a creation. Further advancement in cross stitching. Most recent embroidery and sewing particularly unique patterns. Aspire to own needlepoint creations barn. Learned and skilled in beadwork. Interested in blacksmithing and woodworking. An advent Warhammer. Kayaking has been a recent past time. A trekkie fan. A world famous and most addictive tetris. Enjoy urban exploration. Used one of Nikola tesla most famous intervention and that is tesla coils. Interested and enjoy growing bonsai trees in the garden. Recreational time enjoy spelunkering in the wild kingdom and forest. Trained as skeet shooting. Adventurous as a scuba diver and snorkeling. Enjoy origami during past time. Skilled in using pyrotechnics and have trained others. Love to lie out on the beach while beachcombing. Prefer beach sun tanning. While loving the outdoors, take advantage of mountain climbing. Enjoy canoeing and cave diving. Love to parachuting, birding and airsofting. Eager to join the introduction to pipe smoking for beginners and cigar smoking. As a hobby committed to pipe smoking and cigar smoking on a daily basis.



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