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Captain Mark Pomerenke


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A charter boat captain, Mark Pomerenke has owned several catamaran sail boats in his career, all with feline-themed names emphasizing the Cat in catamaran. Captain Mark Pomerenke learned the fundamentals of captaining a boat, including navigation, boat handling skills, and safety, on his first craft, a 33-foot catamaran named Nine Lives.

 He later become a “live aboard” while navigating the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida and then on to Massachusetts along the US Atlantic Coast. Pomerenke attended the Houston Maritime Institute in 1993, earning a U.S. Coast Guard 50-ton Master’s license with endorsements for motor, towing, and auxiliary sail. He has lived aboard for 22 years.

He eventually sold Nine Lives and bought several other boats in the United Kingdom, including Stray Cat, Cattitude, and Stray Cat II. Rather than pay a $25,000 shipping fee to transport the latter vessel from the UK to Miami, Captain Pomerenke and his first mate, Amy Barker, embarked on a memorable 16-country tour from England back to Florida and spent only $800 in the process. Pomerenke's latest vessel the Stray Cat III, is a 45-foot, 5-stateroom catamaran built in France. He has offered discounted trips for sailing students, the Boy and Girl Scouts and Free outings for American Heart Association fundraisers. As a veteran of the United States Air Force, he also provided special rates for military service members.


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