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In general, Juegos de Mario fall under a franchise which was founded starting around 1983 with a main character named Mario who is a plumber. Many versions of the game have him accompanied by two extra characters who are his brother, named Luigi, and best friend, named Yoshi.

The main plot for this pilot game is usually one where the main bad guy, named Bowser, kidnaps the damsel, named Princess Peach. Mario then has to complete a set number of levels of increasing difficulty with different types of challenges before he can rescue her. Other times, however, there may be different antagonists who Mario has to overcome before he can complete all tasks set before him and claim his prize. Juegos de Mario Bros are set in a land named The Mushroom Kingdom where Princess Peach is the main heir to its throne.
Initially, Mario games were pretty simple with graphics being displayed in 2D but they have evolved over time to feature 3D for cleaner more realistic images. At the same time, 2D versions concentrate more on getting the player to work his ay through an entire level before graduating on to the next one using a single exit at the end of the level. More recent 3D versions usually allow the player to take shortcuts buy finding a number of hidden items which work as keys to the next level.

The original Mario character has been featured in an approximate number of 200 games with extra characters that revolve around this franchise with others being incorporated into different types of games as well. Mario brother games is a very successful franchise which has managed to sell over 200million copies of this particular game series. Very little wonder that it has been named the best-selling video game series of all time.

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