Cameel Halim

Cameel Halim

Philanthropist, Real Estate Investor, and Collector

CH Ventures, LLC

About Me

A successful real Chicago estate investor, Cameel Halim supports his community through a variety of charitable efforts. He contributes to St. Marks Coptic Orthodox Church, remains active with the Coptic Assembly of America, and sponsors children who are displaced in Egypt. Committed to urban revitalization and conservation, Cameel Halim also purchased a historic home in the Kenilworth, Illinois neighborhood that was nearly demolished by a developer in 2005. He additionally works to resist political repression in the Middle East and Egypt as the president of the American/Egyptian Association.

In his professional pursuits, Halim serves as the founder and president of CH Ventures, LLC, in Chicago. He began his real estate career in 1974 and has since grown his business into an enterprise that maintains a multi-state portfolio and employs hundreds of maintenance, accounting, and management professionals.

On top of his philanthropic and professional endeavors, Cameel Halim is an avid collector of antique timepieces. He preserves an extremely valuable collection of approximately 600 historic clocks and watches.


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