Caleb Kramer

Caleb Kramer

Managing Director

Oaktree Capital 

About Me

As a portfolio manager and managing director of European assets at Oaktree Capital Management, LP, Caleb Kramer secures a majority stake as a bondholder in European companies that are struggling to meet their financial obligations. Caleb Kramer negotiates the restructuring of this debt using a distress-to-equity strategy, converting Oaktree’s bond interests to active ownership of the distressed business. Among his other business achievements, Mr. Kramer successfully used this technique to acquire a majority equity position in Countrywide, the prominent United Kingdom real estate agency.

Currently based in London, Caleb Kramer has worked in the financial industry for over two decades. He graduated with a BA in economics from the University of Virginia and later served as an analyst for Merrill Lynch. Before starting his own investment firm, Seneca Capital Partners, LLC, he also held positions at Archon Capital Partners and Dillon Read and Company, Inc.


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