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How many of car owners are confident enough to say to customer hey! buy my car

The following will help you go about selling your car.

Selling your car to a Dealer

1. Before going to a dealer, check out the value of your car at the Kelly Blue Book website. This site is very popular in the automotive industry specifically in checking the car's worth as the basis for the value of a trade-in. However, you will not get the listed trade-in value once you sell to a dealer. The dealer will usually quote a price lower than the blue book value so as to maximize their profit.

2. Clean your car thoroughly. Clean the whole exterior, interior and check underneath the hood of your car. Though the price of your car will depend largely on the age, mileage and condition, a clean car usually sells better.

3. Compare prices by going to at least three different dealerships. Negotiate for the price at each dealership. Don't forget to mention details like if the car has gone through routine checkups, oil changes or some parts had been changed. You should also mention that you checked the Kelley Blue Book value. Then when the dealer asks what figure you are looking to get out of the car, you?ll know exactly what to say. Mention an amount of $100 to $300 higher than the blue book value. It's better to start high to give you room to negotiate.

4. Remember to negotiate for the price of the new car you're buying separately. Don't intertwine them. Some dealers might confuse you by negotiating for the prices of both cars at the same time. Keep the negotiation simple by separating the two deals.

5. After closing the deal on your old car, choose a new car or a used one that you would like to buy. Trade-ins mean you will make a purchase at the dealership using the money they give you for your old vehicle. Once you?ve made a choice, sign the necessary papers and you?ll be ready to drive away with your new automobile.

Selling your car privately

1. If you decide to sell your car privately, review your state laws and regulations regarding selling a vehicle, such as getting a proof of smog certificate, or making a record of the odometer reading. You can visit your state?s Department of Motor Vehicles? website to do that.

2. Check out your car?s worth by visiting the Kelly Blue Book website.

3. Make sure your car is thoroughly cleaned up. Take it to a car wash and have it waxed. If the body is in pristine condition it will easily attract more potential buyers. You can also have any small dents or scratches fixed as any kind of damage will affect your car?s value.

4. Have an ad posted online or at your local paper. Include details about the vehicle such as its specification, new parts added, the condition of the tires, mileage etc. This will save you the hassle of answering phone calls asking for more information about the car.

5. Indicate the price but be flexible. Be ready to negotiate.

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