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Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Business Improvement Technologies (BIT) provides sales, installation, and maintenance for alarms and closed-circuit television. According to the American Society of Employers, employee theft and dishonesty cost U.S. businesses over $50 billion each year. Drawing on cutting-edge technology, Business Improvement Technologies utilizes a personal computer-based digital video recording system that allows clients to see and hear their business operations from any location with internet access.BIT develops its own software and builds its own systems. The company uses only high-quality commercial-grade cameras, all of which are enclosed in tamper-resistant Lexan domes to ensure durability. Additionally, BIT offers new ‘SENS’ technology cameras that display color footage even in low-light conditions and cameras that pan, tilt, and zoom to allow for maximum coverage. A cash register interface lets transaction data from a retail shop’s cash registers appear

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Greensboro, NC, US