Burl Brim

Burl Brim

Helicopter Rescue Professional Burl Brim                             

Brim Aviation                      

About Me

 For two decades, Burl Brim has served as the president of Ashland, Oregon’s Brim Aviation, a helicopter-services-and-rescue organization. The company owns a number of different helicopters. Burl Brim has seen his management efforts pay off in significant ways. The company today employs a staff of nearly 100, who log more than 5,000 hours of annual flight time, and the business has expanded to Alaska, Hawaii, Africa, and China. Additional contracts in places like Czechoslovakia are presently in the works.

Burl Brim uses his business to benefit as many outside organizations as possible. He helps train Minnesota and Missouri state police, as well a number of city police departments, like the San Antonio PD. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time outdoors riding horses, herding cattle, and racing ATVs off road. He is currently a member of Helicopter Association International, the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, and the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association. 


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