Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes

  Midfielder, Hull City


United Kingdom

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About Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes is an English football midfielder, who was born on June 19, 1976, in Liverpool.

Bryan Hughes kicked off his football career at the senior club, Wrexham, in1994. His goals during the Football Association (FA) Cup campaign in the 1996-97 season were instrumental in the club’s promotion to the quarter finals of the tournament. His brilliant performances for the club in its League Cup matches caught the attention of the English football club, Birmingham City.

Bryan Hughes switched to Birmingham City in 1997 and played a crucial role for the club in the first and second seasons of the Premier League and the club’s play-off win in 2002. During his tenure with this club, he appeared in 291 matches scoring 42 goals.

In July 2004, Bryan Hughes signed a three year deal with Charlton Athletic and made his debut as a substitute for Matt Holland against the Bolton Wanderers. The consecutive year, he scored a brace in the FA Cup match against Rochdale, in which Charlton emerged triumphant with a score of 4-1. During the 2004 -05 season, he made ten starts for the club and played an essential role by netting the opening goal against Crystal Palace. In the following season, Bryan Hughes made his presence felt in the third round of the Carling Cup by scoring a winning penalty in a shootout.

His stunning goal against Blackburn Rovers in November 2005 secured him a place in the match opposing Arsenal on the Boxing Day and scored a header against his former club, Birmingham City, in January 2006. Bryan Hughes contributed the third goal for the team in its 3-1 win over Brentford in round five of the League Cup, and his name was on the score sheet five times subsequent to his appearance in many games of the Premiership campaign. Bryan Hughes scored the winning goal in the last minute against Aston Villa on December 30, 2006. In all, he made 74 league appearances for the club, contributing five goals.

After his spell with Charlton Athletic, Bryan Hughes signed a three year deal with Hull City on June 29, 2007. He secured a goal on his home debut in a friendly match against Newcastle United, in which Hull City emerged victorious. He played the role of a left-winger initially for the club and subsequently shifted to his midfielding position in the play-off games. His first league goal for the club came from the club’s win over Southampton. As of August 2008, Bryan Hughes has played 35 matches for Hull City.

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