Brigette Noren Calgary

Brigette Noren Calgary

Environmental Health Officer

Alberta Health Services


About Me

Since 2008, Brigette Noren has held the position of environmental health officer for Alberta Health Services, which was formerly known as the Calgary Health Region. In this capacity, she oversees compliance with the Public Health Act and other Alberta Health Services guidelines. Brigette Noren also conducts site inspections of public facilities, reviews land and building applications for potential impacts to health, and conducts investigations on behalf of the public. Prior to this role, she inspected public facilities in the Banff/Strathmore Health Units of the Calgary Health Region as a public health inspector.

Ms. Noren anticipates receiving her master of science in December of 2014 from Royal Roads University, Victoria. She has completed both a bachelor of environmental health and a bachelor of science, in 2007 and 2002. In December of 2015, she expects to complete the Eco Canada Environmental Professional in Training (EPt) designation.

Ms. Noren is a Certified Public Health Inspector from the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.


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Calgary, Alberta