Brent R. Hall

Brent R. Hall

Real Estate Investor / Entrepreneur



About Me

Brent Hall is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, project manager, musician, advocate for self-improvement, husband and father of 4 (2 are cats).

Brent's real estate investing and entrepreneurship began in 2010 after reading the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad".  This led to attending several real estate investment association meetings, various real estate coaching programs and real estate seminars.  He has extensive knowledge of purchasing properties well below market value through the use of private money.  The properties are rented out and held onto for an average of one year for cash flow and sold for a profit.  Brent has obtained a vast array of business connections due to his outgoing and highly charismatic personality, which has created an abundance of opportunities.

Previously, Brent worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as a Customer Service Representative, Claim Specialist and Senior Analyst.  His responsib


About the company

At  VREIA,  we provide creative solutions for home seller's and buyer's when conventional methods are not a viable option. 

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