Brent Fouch

Brent Fouch


Mind Solutions, Inc.

About Me

Based in San Diego, California, Brent Fouch is the founder of Mind Solutions, Inc., a software development company that creates programs controlled by brainwaves. The innovative programs work in conjunction with a wireless headset to communicate directly with the brain, detecting both conscious and subconscious brainwaves. Currently, Mind Solutions has developed three applications available for purchase at its website. Prior to founding his current firm, Brent Fouch served as CEO of Blackhawk Financial, Inc., a company that worked to bring privately held companies to the public sector through the OTC stock market. 

Brent Fouch studied psychology at the University of California, San Diego, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation, he found employment as a stockbroker with Chatfield Dean Investment Bankers. He also served as CEO of Action Stocks, Inc., an investment banking company with a focus on investor relations for public companies. 

In his free time, Fouch enjoys a wide range of hobbies, including playing guitar and drums. He is also a professional off-road racer.


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