Brad Daugherty

Brad Daugherty


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United States

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About Brad Daugherty

Brad Daugherty was born on July 5th 1951 in Mountain Grove, Missouri. After his birth his family moved to Iowa. During the weekends and holidays Brad Daugherty and his family used to play draw poker for pennies and at that time Brad examined poker rules closely. He found himself impressed by the game and the way it influenced to him.

In 1968 during a two day trip from Iowa to Kansas Brad Daugherty and his family began playing poker in the train and after a 40-hours game Brad Daugherty won the prize of 3 dollars. However, Brad Daugherty didn’t continue to take up with poker more seriously and started working in the construction industry as a way to gain his own incomes.

After a few years Brad Daugherty learned about the victory of Doyle Brunson and decided to become a professional poker player and to try on making a poker career. The results were not late. In 1978 Brad Daugherty won his first tournament in Reno, Nevada. He continued his work as a card room manager but soon Brad Daugherty realized that he should take up with poker as a constant occupation. He spent ten years in Las Vegas before starting to achieve success in poker events. Brad Daugherty also began reading all the literature he could find for poker in order to learn its rules in a better way. In December 1988 Brad Daugherty reached the 3rd place for $ 48,500 in the $ 5,000 championship no-limit event of the Hall of Fame Poker Classic. The good presentment encouraged Brad Daugherty to keep on fighting and he soon finished 3rd in the 1990 $1,500 Stud Hi/Lo event at the WSOP – a sign for future attainments.

In 1990 Brad Daugherty won his first bracelet at the time of the WSOP event and the total of $ 1 million and thus became the first winner in poker tournaments to earn such a plenty of money. After this remarkable victory Brad Daugherty has not won any poker events since then but he was delighted by writing and became a coauthor, with Tom Mc Evoy of Championship Satellite Strategy and No-Limit Texas Hold’em for New Players – “must-read” books for all players taking up with poker seriously.

Although Brad Daugherty does not travel worldwide nowadays he continued playing poker online on the Internet. However, Brad Daugherty is still a reasonable figure at the major events such as the World Series of Poker events. Brad Daugherty turned into a well-paid online poker player with a lot of money finishes.
In 2008 Brad Daugherty total winnings from live tournaments figured out at $ 1,352,025. Brad Daugherty says: “I respect a lot of old-timers who have played for many, many years. Like Doyle Brunson and Johnny moss. Actually, I have admiration for all older players. I give them a good respect. These are the pioneers of poker. They have led the game to where it is now. They are the pioneers of poker”.
Brad Daugherty got married once but was divorced in 1989 and he has a son from that marriage. Outside poker Brad Daugherty likes doing his hobbies such as hiking with his dogs, woodworking and computers. Brad Daugherty says that if he could change the world in some way he would remove wars because of the way they destroy everything beautiful. As far as poker world is concerned Brad Daugherty would like to see Added Money in them rather than more taken out.

Player’s statistics:
Cashes: 43
Total Winnings: $1,352,025
First Place Finishes: 1
WSOP Bracelets: 1
ProRank 2 Position: 3358
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: One Son
Started Playing Poker: 95
Favorite Poker Game: No Limit Hold'em
Ambition: To play poker and Write poker books, I am currently co author with Tom McEvoy of Championship Satellite Strategy and No-Limit Texas Holdem for new players
Hobbies: Hiking with my dogs, Computers, woodworking
Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Music: Classic Rock, Pop, some Jazz
Favorite Place: Koh Samaui Thailand
Favorite Celebrity: Ronald Reagan
Poker Players I Respect Most: Berry Johnson, Howard Lederer, Tuna Lund

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