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Bored Right Now

 Bored Right Now? Want to have some
fun! Why don't you play some flash games? 

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About Bored Right Now


Hi there.

Looking for something to do? Well we have great things in store for you with all sorts of different games available. From Action to Strategy to RPG we have something for you! For the person who is bored right now there is something to do.


The beauty of playing flash games is that they load very quickly and cost you nothing to play! There are lots of them cost a lot of money or take a long time to download. If you are bored right now then this is the site for you.


At boredrightnow.com all you have to do is go in there click the Category/Genre of game you want then click the picture of a game that looks interesting to you. When putting this site together I selected the top flash games that I could find to populate my site with. I want to create an experience that you enjoy so that you will keep coming back again and again.


Many of these games are very quirky that is because if you are bored right now it is important to me that you have something a little funny or odd to do. Doing something funny or odd while you are bored gives you a interesting view on life. I used to live in New Zealand and there we are always thinking up odd things to do or create just for the heck of it. Flash games are a little like that- they are quirky but fun.


So go check out my site now. Enjoy yourself


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