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Blow Dry Style Lounge

The Blow Dry Style Lounge, is a luxury beauty salon designed with todays most sought after beauty maintenance services. We also offer services for men and women as a hair salon, nail salon, waxing hair removal, eyelash extensions, cosmetics, hair color and styling. Featuring a real Blow Dry Bar located in the Madison suburb of Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Wash, Blow Dry, Style and Makeup service in about 40 minutes. We believe we may be Wisconsin's only complete Blow Dry Bar with the capacity to serve up to 20 guests at one time. If you have never heard of a Blow Dry Bar before that is because it is the newest trend toward making beauty maintenance enjoyable. Our Blow Dry Styling Lounge is designed for multiple guests to enjoy being styled in a more social setting. Each plush seat features a smart tablet with WIFI service so you can access your favorite social media, read an online magazine, check the weather, catch the news or pin a photo. Music plays overhead and Smart Tv's are viewable with cool content. Our Blow Dry Bar looks more like a bar that you might see in a nice restaurant or hotel. Hair styling is on the menu and you are treated to pampering by our stylists and servers. Refreshments and snacks are also available if you need a little boost of energy. This bar is only about making you look even more gorgeous. In short order you can be in and out quickly so you can be ready to make a great first impression for an event, business meeting, job interview, family celebration, girls night out, a special date, meeting the parents, getting ready for a major social gathering or simply because you want too look fabulous. Some guests may simply need help styling their hair because they can't get it to look they way they want and our stylists are trained experts. Your visit to the Blow Dry Style Lounge is an affordable luxury that gives you an added piece of mind, self esteem and confidence for your busy lifestyle.

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