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Blair LaCorte



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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Blair LaCorte guides Production Resource Group. As global president, he oversees production and event technology operations spanning diverse market segments, from theme parks to concert tours. Blair LaCorte’s sustained achievements in the technology sphere have earned him recognition from Business Marketing and Advertising Age as a Top Ten Business Marketer.

Outside of his professional life, Mr. LaCorte holds board responsibilities with the Kairos Society. The nonprofit organization partners with corporations and academic institutions in providing mentorship and support for young entrepreneurs. His community involvement also extends to a seat on the board of Juma, an at-risk youth program that emphasizes attaining college and professional goals. He is further involved in board capacities with the Positive Coaching Alliance, which undertakes youth sports training and values building. Blair LaCorte is an investor in Moon Express, a company that is working with NASA to become the first private enterprise to accomplish a non-manned moon vehicle landing.


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