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Berni Fried is a leading figure in therapy and addiction treatment, providing an individualized approach combining clinical skills with a wealth of life experience to help clients who struggle with chemical dependency, Trauma, Depression and Anxiety. Berni Fried has developed individualized treatment plans with a client centered approach. She helps to inspire improvement through her own experience in recovery and provide support to help the client to feel connected, safe and supported. She works in a multidimensional approach, addressing the emotional, physical and spiritual parts of the client. Community and feeling connected is also key in addressing a client’s sense of belonging and “undoing the aloneness”. As part of Berni Fried’s individualized approach, she offers psychoeducation EMDR, and psychotherapy groups. Berni Fried offers a variety of groups tailored and individual based on the clients needs. She helps to treat anxiety, stress, depression, family of origin issues, trauma and relapse.

Berni Fried has over 20 years experience working in the field of addiction treatment. Her certifications in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), advanced training in AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy), and EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy give her a sophisticated skill set to address complicated Clients struggling with dual diagnosis issues. Her certification in Equine assisted therapy helps in utilizing horses as part of client’s therapy. Horses help as a tool in her practice to give an additional resource and depth in the treatment of her clients. Equine Assisted therapy can help to address deeper trauma and serves as a powerful method to work with depression, boundaries and anxiety. She is a member of EAGALA (equine assisted growth and learning association). She is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California since 1998.

Berni Fried has a private practice in Beverly Hills, California that provides a confidential and safe setting to treat her clients. Her office is a beautiful, exclusive setting that has a sense of calm and peacefulness. She has created a successful private practice conveniently located in elegant and beautiful southern California. Treating individuals who are struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction, Trauma, and Depression, Berni Fried has proven to be a revolutionary force in her field.

Since chemical dependency and abuse is generally defined as a chronic disease, most clients of Berni Fried require repeated or long-term treatment to achieve the goal of sustained recovery and abstinence in their lives. Drug addiction is a complicated illness that involves intense and often unbearable cravings. Obsession and euphoric recall are often part of the issues that need to be addressed when working with Addicts.The element of Denial is often a huge stumbling block for clients that are struggling with Addiction issues. When clients go untreated for Addiction, the consequences can be devastating. Berni Fried understands that drug addiction and abuse take on several different dimensions and can be a disruptive force in a person’s life. The effective treatment programs offered by Berni Fried incorporate a variety of components, each targeted to a particular aspect of the person’s distinct issues.

Addiction treatment is designed to assist the individual in developing and maintaining a drug-free lifestyle while achieving a sense of balance at work and in the family. By examining the main causes of addiction, Berni Fried has gained a better understanding of how to approach treatment plans. She devotes her therapy sessions to increasing the confidence and self-esteem of all clients. Berni Fried addresses the underlying issues associated with the client’s maladaptive coping skills. She is able to create a sense of safety and attachment for the client to explore what fuels the addiction and the feelings that the client has been avoiding in their drug or alcohol use.

Over a highly successful career, Berni Fried has informed future generations of therapists by serving as a guest lecturer and as a training leader for numerous groups, organizations and educational institutions. Her major topics of conversation during these events include relapse prevention and substance abuse, along with trauma, drug addiction and alcoholism. Berni Fried is committed to educating the world that Addiction and Alcoholism is a disease and not a moral issue and that clients deserve to be treated with integrity and safety in order illicit change in their behavior.


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