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A 22-year veteran of her field, Bernadine Fried is on a mission to break the vicious cycle of addictive disorders. She currently operates a private practice in luxurious Beverly Hills, California, offering a comfortable and relaxing environment conducive to the success of her clients. There, Bernadine Fried has created and carried out treatment models that rely on a more personalized approach. A recovering addict, Bernadine Fried understands the role lifestyle plays in finding a successful path to recovery from addiction or other mental health disorders.

Bernadine Fried has been treating clients whose careers or lifestyle add complexity to their treatment . Bernadine Fried is trained to diagnose and treat couples, groups and individuals to achieve more productive and satisfying lives. She has demonstrated her dedication to the profession by providing services to the less fortunate as well as individuals of significant wealth, fame and influence. Bernadine Fried’s clients are often referred to her when other clinical professionals have been unable to help. Fried incorporates her methods into a client’s existing lifestyle making addiction treatment accessible and effective.

Staying ahead of the curve, Bernadine Fried has developed a well-rounded therapy repertoire by implementing the therapeutic model Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing into her practice, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, also known by the therapy community as EMDR, uses an individual’s rhythmic, rapid eye movements to dampen the impact of emotionally powerful memories of previous traumatic occurrences. As it gains in popularity within her profession, Bernadine Fried is eager to share her experiences of this relatively new form of therapy with fellow therapists.

Bernadine Fried is also an avid supporter of Equine Assisted Therapy, which allows clients to work directly with therapy horses to improve their treatment outcomes. Equine Assisted Therapy is designed to address human development and mental health needs by enhancing cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills. Encouraged by the results from these modalities, Bernadine Fried hopes that more people across the world can have direct access to these important therapies. At this time, approximately 600 programs are offered worldwide to those suffering from depression, addictions and trauma.

Bernadine Fried believes that that addiction to drugs, alcohol and other substances is a multifaceted mental illness that involves psychological, physical, spiritual and social aspects. By exploring the distinct values and beliefs behind certain behaviors, Bernadine Fried helps clients to tap into their past in the path to a brighter future. As a way to benefit the next generation of counselors and therapists, Bernadine Fried teaches counselors in training about trauma and substance abuse therapy at a variety of national educational institutions.

Bernadine Fried has received worldwide press coverage as a result of her efforts. Major media outlets such as Vogue, BBC and The New Yorker have featured her expert commentary in news segments related to therapy. Several other print and online magazines and newspapers have shared the teachings of Bernadine Fried for the benefit of readers as well.

Bernadine Fried, who currently resides in Beverly Hills, is in the process of establishing a state-of-the-art treatment center for residents of Southern California.


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