Ben Pettit

Ben Pettit

Partner, Sales & Marketing

Cohesive Web Design


About Me

Ben Pettit is over sales and marketing at Cohesive. Ben was the entrepreneur behind Toast Creative Group, a marketing startup in 2008. Toast, a former contract company for EVM officially merged with EVM in 2011. Together Ben Pettit & Jeff Gilden as the senior partners of a new joint venture rebranded the new company into the Cohesive brand. Ben's expertise and skill set allows him to do one thing really well for his customers: help them make more money and create lasting relationships.

The goal of every business is to build a strong brand, increasing visibility and revenues. Ben's personal business approach is one of honesty to his customers. He has a belief that his clients need to first and foremost do whats right for their business, even if it doesn't benefit Cohesive. Doing the right thing for a customer will always be the right thing for Cohesive.


About the company

Cohesive Web Design is a website design company located in Greenville, SC. We offer affordable pricing with skills such as Responsive Web Design, WordPress Development, eCommerce Web Development, WooComerce Web Development, Online Marketing, Website Analysis, Site Conversions, Keyword Research, Web Design, CopyWriting, Adwords PPC Campaigns, Mobile Marketing and more.Call us at 864.498.1900, you will get a real live person and not an automated system. We always pick up our phone! Usually on the first ring. Most proposals sent within 24 hours.

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