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Benjamin Cilento


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About Me

Dr. Benjamin Cilento graduated at the top of his class and was inducted into the prestigious national honor society, Phi Beta Kappa. Unlike his classmates, he delayed attending medical school immediately after college. Instead, he joined the US Marine Corps where he served as a Signals Intelligence and Reconnaissance Officer during the first Gulf War. After five years as a Marine he decided to go back and finish his medical education and transferred to the US Naval Medical program.

About the company

Cilento Facial Plastics helps you to improve the way you look and feel about your appearance. We works on the following fields such as plastic surgery, minimally invasive procedures and non-surgicaltreatments. Our Doctor Ben Cilento is a board certified facial plastic surgeon and helps the patients of all ages and improves the skin and facial structures. For more  info contact 281-364-1001

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650 W. Bough Ln, Ste 164, Houston, TX
United States