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Benedicte Mauguiere
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Benedicte Mauguiere

Professor of French & Francophone Studies
Colby College

04901, United States

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About Benedicte Mauguiere

Since September 2009, Colby College, located in Maine, has been the only college in the United States to have a full professorship in Francophone Studies of the Americas, a post held today by Dr. Bénédicte Mauguière. Dr. Mauguière has lived most of her life in Québec and Louisiana, and she now resides in Maine. A native of Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, Dr. Mauguière is a world-renowned expert on Francophone Studies, frequently lecturing on the topic and authoring many articles for academic publications both at home and abroad.


Before accepting this unique professorship at Colby College, Dr. Mauguière spent almost two decades teaching as an expert on the subject. A graduate of the prestigious Université Paris-Sorbonne, Dr. Bénédicte Mauguière received a Ph.D. in Francophone Studies. “Francophone” generally refers to cultures or communities, no matter where geographically located, that share a history of French language. For example, the Canadian province of Québec is francophone, featuring a community that is primarily French-speaking. Indeed, French is recognized as an official language by the Canadian government.


Similarly, as a result of French colonial history, there are numerous independent countries on all continents where French is commonly spoken, such as North and West Africa, Haiti, the East Indies, and Southeast Asia. The same is true of certain states in the United States, where French-speaking communities are a heritage of the 17th- and 18th-century French empire. They are mainly located in Louisiana, Missouri and several states of New England.


Dr. Mauguière has devoted her professional life to studying these communities, documenting both their cultural survival and literary production. She is also a well known specialist of authors such as Anne Hébert and the 2008 Nobel Laureate of Literature, J. M. G. Le Clézio. In 2009, she was selected to give the Humanities Nobel Lecture at the University of Calgary, Canada, on the topic of “Le Clézio's Poetics of Displacement and Transculturalism.”


Dr. Bénédicte Mauguière has been a member of, or associated with, several professional associations, including the Association internationale des études québécoises (AIEQ) where she currently serves as Vice President of the Americas. She also spent the last nine years as the Executive Director of the Conseil International d'Études Francophones (CIEF), the largest association in Francophone Studies worldwide.




Colby College

Professor of French & Francophone Studies

Waterville, ME

08/1/2009 — Present 




Université Paris IV-Sorbonne

Francophone Studies


Paris, France



Professional Organizations:

Conseil International d'Etudes Francophones, Association internationale des Etudes Quebecoises

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