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Where Can You Find Free Printable
Sheet Music Over The Internet? 

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Music composers believe that a good musician should have access to additional music sheets apart from that which one can afford to purchase. You should have sufficient knowledge on where and how to find free sheet music online; the search terms or words you type in to your browser determine what results you get because a computer always uses the principle ‘garbage in-garbage out’; if you type in words which are not interpreted by the computer to mean that you want free sheet music, then you will not get results you want.


If you want results in PDF you can add the words in PDF after the Free Sheet Music and you should do like wise if you want to view music sheets in other formats. Free sheet music search is not like other searches where websites are ranked according to how they are ‘good’; you will not always get the best free sheet music site(s) on the first web page of your search.


You should look for those music sheets which are in easy to open, easily downloadable and easy to print file formats. The online music sheet files which have these qualities include the scorch plug-in and the GIF and PDF files. The GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange and it is a format of bitmap image which is used in coloring images, in animations and in creating logos. This file produces low quality music sheets and is mostly available when you look for free sheet music online. Many people however use it because the music notes are clearly seen; the GIF files are also small in size and can be opened by most computers without the use of any tertiary software.


The second form of files used in storing free sheet music is the PDF which means portable document format. PDF files are commonly used in presenting information that has an unchanging lay out. You need to freely download and install adobe reader so that your computer can open the PDF files. This form of music sheet presentation has the advantage of giving out print outs of high quality.

There are some online which do not allow you to print PDF sheets from their website unless you subscribe or create an online free account with them while others offer the same freely. Music composers who use notation software to write music can download the PDF software for this purpose or buy some of the locally available software for doing this which is usually sold cheaply. Scorch plug-in is a program which allows you to listen to free sheet music while following scores on a computer. It allows you to transpose scores, download files and print music.


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