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Located at 727 South Wolfe Street in Baltimore, Maryland, Belfort Instrument Company has served as an industry leader in gathering and reporting meteorological data throughout 134 years of existence. Starting in close connection with the United States Weather Bureau, Belfort Instrument Company was responsible for building the first meteorological observatory and instrument laboratory in the nation at the end of the 19th century, aiding the Wright brothers during their legendary flight in 1903 and mapping the lunar surface many years later. Throughout the past century and into the 2000s, Belfort Instrument Company continued to develop top-quality instruments for private companies and the federal government while keeping up with advancements in technology. 

Today, Belfort Instrument Company offers a range of sensors and equipment. The firm’s meteorological tools measure wind, visibility, precipitation, temperature, and other essential details for those engaged in environmental, climate measurement, maritime, and aviation activities. The DigiWX line of automated weather readers allows public-use airports, heliports, crop dusters, and other smaller aviation facilities to get near-instant weather information, such as precipitation and temperature, delivered wirelessly to a myriad of devices including telephones, Internet, UNICOM frequencies, or other Belfort Instrument Company devices. 

To learn about Belfort Instrument Company, visit At the website, users can learn about the firm's offerings, including how to purchase a variety of materials.
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Belfort Instrument Company, Weather Instrumentation 
Baltimore, MD, US
Jan 1, 1993 - present

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Rochester Institute of Technology
Robhcester, NY, US
Electrical Engineering/Business


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