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Beck Finance Group assists people with mortgage loans and other home financing concerns. Through assistance from this organization, clients have been able to secure loan modifications, refinance their homes, and complete short sales. Beck Finance Group also offers help with residential purchases and real estate investment opportunities for those interested in buying a home or other property. The business advocates for homeowners who want to avoid foreclosure. They are interested in clients with diverse real estate portfolios, so those who have commercial properties or multiple loans can also benefit from the advice and experience of BFG.

Almost all of Beck Finance Group's business is currently conducted through referrals. People interested in working with BFG have the opportunity to contact a current or former client. For those who have not been referred, BFG provides a list of references to contact prior to working with them. Previous clients can give potential BFG clients a sense of the firm's strong track record and prior achievements.


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1197 Sarasota Center Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34240
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