Beatriz Eugenia Lizama Soberanis

Beatriz Eugenia Lizama Soberanis

Chemical Researcher and Director Beatriz Eugenia Lizama Soberanis

Laureate International Universities. Universidad del Valle de Mexico

About Me

General director and founder of the Centro de Conocimiento Emprendedor Internacional S.A. de C.V. in Metepec, Mexico, Beatriz Eugenia Lizama Soberanis is responsible for everything from strategic planning and investor relationships to marketing and industrial design. The center maintains strong relationships with investors in England and develops various projects based on ideas designed to help humankind. Since founding the company in 2009, Beatriz Eugenia Lizama Soberanis has successfully developed a research project related to problems with international trade. She is currently studying biodesign and biotechnology, and is focusing on a new science called love science, which is based in spiritual love.

Ms. Soberanis prepared for her career by attending Tecnologico de Monterrey for her MBA degree, and Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro for her PhD in engineering and materials science. Immediately prior to founding the Centro de Conocimiento Emprendedor Internacional, she worked as an educational manager in engineering for Laureate International Universities, and early on in her career, she worked as a chemist at Syntex Research, managing the lab and analyzing NMR and HPLC for research projects. Throughout her career, she has held a variety of positions with such companies as Baxter Health Care and the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares.


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